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Remember Who You Are


“Life transformation does not have to be traumatic. It can be done with breath and gentleness so that we align with our true center. We can learn to soar, believe in our choices with a simple change of direction, perception and attitude, and learn to trust ourselves as we align with the power source of our own spirituality, as gentle as a butterfly.” ~Irene Louise

Irene Louise


Since 1990, I have channeled and facilitated thousands of personal sessions for clients as a Spiritual Channel, Illumination Energy Interpreter, Medium, and Visionary. Allow me the honor of helping you on your journey. 

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“Just as we need electricity to turn our lights on, run our appliances, and charge our batteries, we too are “plugged in” somewhere for our personal power source. I ask you—where are you plugged into???”

 ~Irene Louise