About Your Session


Through my abilities, I will assist you in discovering and realizing your choices, freeing yourself of limitations that hinder your peace and joy, and help you uncover more of your true self and true potential. I will assist you in enhancing your own intuition so that you can discover your unique gifts and abilities because we are all gifted, spiritual beings having a human experience. In connection with the Universal Presence, I receive messages of insight from the Spirit about your past, present and future. I will share this information with you so that you can make conscious choices that will align you with your highest of integrity. I will receive information and, as an interpreter, assist you in finding answers for the questions you ask so that you can make responsible, free choice decisions. My job is not to question or judge the information that comes through but simply to deliver the messages to you. The Spirit offers only the highest assistance that will serve you with your life’s choices upon your journey.

I work with individuals and groups from all walks of life. I address questions in all areas but I am most passionate about helping you see your natural gifts in your life for your well being. I do this in confidence, respecting your choices – seeing them as an expression of your beauty, joy and peace. Sessions are compassionate and heartfelt. You may experience emotional release, tears, laughter, or energy tingling as a result of a session. Any and all feelings you experience are appropriate.

It is my wish that everyone receives the opportunity to experience a genuine and meaningful connection with the Spirit World. It brings me great joy to be able to share with you my gifts and to assist you in bringing you peace and comfort.   

Your Individual Session

Individual sessions will empower and assist you on your spiritual journey of self-discovery. I will happily work with you on any area of your life where new insight and clarity is desired. All questions are important, so any aspect of life you want to explore will be addressed unless I receive no insight from the Spirit, which means it is not time for you to be shown certain insights. I respect the Spiritual Guidance that I receive, just as I honor your intuitive guidance.

When contacting me for an appointment, a few minutes of screening will occur with the highest respect to see if all are in resonation and compatible. If we are in agreement, payment will be due and the session will be scheduled. At the appointed time, you will call in. I will begin the reading in a ‘Spiritual stream of consciousness in multiple levels of illumination energy style.’ After I have shared the message of the Spirit, I will answer your questions for the remainder of the session. 

*This is the typical format, however, I am compassionate and may adjust according to your needs if requested. Visit the booking page to schedule your personal session or to contact for more information.  


Readings are for informational/entertainment purposes only. They are not intended as a substitute for a professional advice for legal, mental, or medical matters. When you schedule a reading, you accept responsibility for your own decisions and/or choices.